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In the beginning, there is a tree and cherries. Once picked, the cherries go through a fermentation and drying phase. Then the green coffee bean is ready to arrive at our ports. The transmission of these beans leaves the roaster with the heavy task of revealing their richness and putting you in the best conditions to extract it perfectly.


Our philosophy

Since the opening of Kawa, we have decided to focus on roasting. Our motto is to offer the best roast with the greatest consistency.

What is a good roast for Kawa? It is the one that will awaken your taste buds and sublimate the terroir of origin. Each coffee has its own history, and we have the heavy responsibility of sublimating the work of our coffee-growing partners and making it easier for you to extract it.



"Each method deserves a roasting profile

The first step is to define the role of the selected coffee: is it a filter coffee, an espresso coffee or even a coffee for a blend?

We are firmly convinced that a coffee must be roasted in a different way for espresso or filter use. Nevertheless, some terroirs or coffees, often exceptional, have this agility to work in omni-roast (filter and espresso). For example, we can mention Ethiopian coffees, some anaerobic coffees and many others.

We have this conviction in order to respect the product and offer you the best experience when using it. Some people will like our espresso roast in their filter to have less acidity in their cup and chocolatey cups. Others will use our filter roast to make espressos with more acidity! #acidisnotacrime


The aromatic peak

Stop! forget everything you've been told and don't take our view of roast freshness as an absolute truth.

Our research on freshness is entirely linked to the way we roast and especially to our roaster, a Loring 7kg and 70kg. A roaster with a convection heating system and not a conduction system like most artisanal roasters.

This research is the subject of cupping and the development of extraction recipes for each new coffee. We also try to indicate the peak flavours on our shop's coffee files. If you would like more information on this subject, we recommend: The Coffee Freshness Handbook - SCA*.



Our quality control

After each roasting, we check the weight loss of our coffees, the colorimetry and of course we cook them 24 hours later.

When we have a new coffee on the menu, we roast it 2 or 5 times and taste it over a period of 21 days.

When the roasting profile suits us, we proceed with the sale of the coffee and the first batches are used as test samples for our professional customers or even as gifts to thank them for their loyalty!